1. Process variety of wastes “as received”- no presorting, preparation or size reduction -lower capital and maintenance cost s
  2. Increased power production / efficiency – 15 to 20% more power per ton of waste
  3. Destruction of 99.99999% of hazardous components- only technology to achieve this per US EPA standards
  4. Zero Landfill - Bottom ash/rejects are converted into toxic free non-leachable vitrified slag that can be reused as construction products.
PEGS' Other Plasma Solutions Mass Burn Incinerators
Thermal Conversion Gasifcation Incineration or gasifcation Incineration (excess air)
Feedstock Any "raw" feedstock "as received" no prep. Limited feedstock / Must sort and shred MSW, RMW only
Energy Products Syngas, liquid biofuels, electricity Electricity only Electricity only
Energy Conversion Energy efcient, produce over 700 kW-h/ ton High gross production, but low net electricity Typical —550 kW-h / ton
Use of Plasma High-quality syngas Melt residues N/A
Environmental Performance Emissions far below EPA standards / inert byproducts Limited performance data NSerious Issues due to Low Temperature
Economics Profitable at —250 TPD Requires huge subsidies Break-even at —1,000 TPD
System Development Successful pilot system ready for commercial operation Demonstration Unsuccessful Commercial operations in India unsuccessful