Technology Benefits

Plasma Enhanced Gasification system

Process variety of wastes “as received”- no presorting, preparation or size reduction...

Catalytic Alcohol Syntheis Process (CASS)

The alcohol produced is through thermo chemical route and is highly cost effective...

Who we are

Alchemy Enersol International Pvt Ltd is a technology company in Waste to Energy Sector incorporated in New Delhi India and is a JV partner of Enersol Technologies, USA Plasma Enhanced Gasification System (PEGS®) is the proprietary technology of Enersol Technologies, USA.

We offer innovative solutions with PEGS® to process variety of wastes like MSW, RDF, biomass of any kind, industrial wastes (both hazardous and non-hazardous), Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) or biomedical waste, Petcoke etc, to produce clean syngas with ZERO environmental pollution and ZERO landfill solution.

Using wastes as feedstock and PEGS as the front end we offer integrated solutions to produce power and alternate fuels. We can provide end to end solution with technology tie-ups with global players to produce ethanol, methanol, mixed alcohol, hydrogen, Dimethyl Ether (DME), etc.

The Team Behind

Founders, Advisors-5

Technology Partners

Enersol Technologies, WRI/Thermosolv

What we offer

We offer integrated solution to convert variety of waste streams like Municpal Solid Waste (MSW), all types of biomass, industrial waste, Regulated Medical Waste (RMW or bio medical waste, Petcoke, Hazardous waste. We provide customised solution to meet the customer requirement to use waste as a feedstock and convert it into ultraclean syngas using Enersol's Patented Plasma Enhanced Gasification System (PEGS®). The syngas is directly used in Gas engine to produce power for supply to the grid. By combining PEGS® with Catalytic Alcohol Synthesis System (CASS), with their patented catalyst and alcohol synthesis process we produce mixed alcohol ( Fuel grade ethanol meeting the BIS specification for blending with petrol,AA grade methanol and other higher alcohols), Di Methyl Ether (DME), Hydrogen and other value added chemicals. More details.....

Technology Benefits

Plasma Enhanced Gasification system
  1. Process variety of wastes “as received”- no presorting, preparation or size reduction -lower capital and maintenance costs
  2. Increased power production / efficiency – 15 to 20% more power per ton of waste
  3. Destruction of 99.99999% of hazardous components- only technology to achieve this per US EPA standards
  4. Zero Landfill - Bottom ash/rejects are converted into toxic free non-leachable vitrified slag that can be reused as construction products.
Catalytic Alcohol Syntheis Process (CASS)

The syngas produced by PEGS® plant is further compressed and processed in the Catalytic Alcohol Syntheis System (CASS) with WRI’s patented catalyst and process to produce mixed alcohol that is predominantly ethanol. The alcohols are then further separated into fuel grade ethanol, AA grade methanol and industry grade propanol for selling as separate products. The mixed alcohol without separation is also suitable for blending with petrol as a premium high-octane blend.


  • We can handle unsegregated Municipal waste
  • We produce more energy and/or energy product per ton waste compared to the competition
  • We ensure ZERO environmrntal pollution and ZERO Landfill.
  • Highly profitable for investors and project owners.
  • We can produce multiple products froom same waste stream depending on the market demand with minimal switching cost
  • Our solution needs less land compared to the competition.
  • Technology development funded by US Department of Defence and Department of Energy under claen fuel program .
  • Technology validated by third party certification under the technical oversight of US DoD and DoE.
  • Commmercial size plants under implementation in US.


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Alchemy Enersol International Private Limited, New Delhi.

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